Cedar Croft Consulting Services and AbilitiesWhat does Cedar Croft Consulting provide to new and long-term clients? 

We offer a proven ability to:

  1. Create and enhance value for a wide range of firms from those operating at a “best practices” level to those in need of major corporate renewal.
  2. Work effectively with all corporate stakeholders – i.e. management, staff, shareholders, investors, lenders, customers and vendors.
  3. Identify and implement major changes.
  4. Vet and improve business plans including those encompassing major corporate restructurings.

Our consultants are:

  1. Experienced and familiar with all aspects of corporate renewal including U.S. and Canadian bankruptcy proceedings.
  2. Extremely responsive in an effort to meet imminent and/or critical deadlines at all times.
  3. Senior professionals with substantial consulting experience.
  4. Subject matter experts with professional designations in finance, marketing, operations and information technology.

Cedar Croft Consulting professionals are experienced at providing collective professional assistance to operations situated throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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